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Welcome to the world of exclusive Darjeeling Airborne Tea! We are proud to introduce you to our latest harvest, flown in directly from the picturesque tea plantations of Darjeeling. This first harvest is of the highest quality and will give you an unparalleled tea drinking experience.

Our Airborne Tea is carefully selected and hand-picked by experienced tea farmers to bring you only the best. The tea leaves are then transferred to the aircraft in special containers immediately after harvest to preserve their freshness and quality.

As a result, you will receive a tea that is rich in aroma and flavor. Each cup will enchant you with hints of floral and fruity notes. Darjeeling Airborne Tea is also known for its health benefits as it is rich in antioxidants and can help improve metabolism.

We are sure that you will feel the difference in the quality of our Airborne Tea. Try it now and be enchanted by its exquisite taste and freshness. Order today and experience the luxury of exclusive Darjeeling flight tea!

Did you actually like the Flugtee got its name?

Back in the 60s the tea lovers came up with the idea after the winter break as soon as possible again to supply you with fresh and highly aromatic tea. The Flugtee was particularly sought after and should reach consumers on the direct route. As the young buds are particularly sensitive, a lengthy and quality-reducing travel should they be spared. Therefore, the first harvest was not transported by plane and by boat, which he received his name.

Flight Tea White Nepal “Mai Tea White”

White Tea

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Shincha Makizono 2024

Japan, Green Tea

32,90 | 100 g


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