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The newest non-alcoholic drink with which you can give yourself a real kick! GIMBER is the answer for everyone in the «I would rather not drink alcoholic, but there is nothing else» situation. Are you familiar with that? You are at the umpteenth event where only alcoholic beverages, soft drinks or just water are served. Dimitri Oosterlynck felt the same, which is why he came up with a solution. He developed a concentrate that is packed with all the benefits of organic Peruvian ginger, lemons and various herbs. The result: a refreshing and tasty drink with an unexpectedly positive kick. Soon friends and neighbors began to ask more about the drink, so that GIMBER was available in the first shops as early as February 2018 - a huge success! The market launch of GIMBER in a concentrated form was initially an ecological decision. Considering the fact that most of the ingredients travel all the way from Latin America, this should prevent the unnecessary transport of water. But the concentrate quickly became a huge success. GIMBER lovers began to use it for all kinds of recipes: not only in mockails and cocktails, but also as an ingredient in various dishes.

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