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Keith Brymer Jones



Keith Brymer Jones is a British designer from London, specializing since the beginning of his career on the traditional production of classic-modern porcelain and tableware.
Prior to 2008, the partnership with MAKE International was received, he has co-operated successfully for about 20 years worldwide with renowned trading houses and companies.

Its also 20 years ago for the first time launched and now-familiar "Word Range" collection celebrates international sales success and is constantly expanding to include new products.
Keith Brymer Jones made in traditional craftsmanship each prototype in his workshop in Whitstable / Kent. The serial production is done later with a lot of manual work.
The ultimate goal is next to the consistently high product quality, to preserve the character of each prototype and to follow the design philosophy of Keith Brymer Jones:
- Simplicity and timeless design of everyday products that are to their owners joy.

Today, the "KBJ Collection" the core of the MAKE-assortment is. Keith Brymer Jones has young English colleagues can win for cooperation beyond the creative head and chief designer, lead their ideas via the Tableware spectrum beyond.

Keith Brymer Jones Tea pot


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